Custom is King

It’s not about the bike. It’s about the personality. When creating a custom bike, everything depends on the riding characteristics the rider wants for his or her new bike. Whether he or she is looking for a thoroughbred race horse to cut corners like a Swiss army knife, or rather be riding a comfortable endurance bike for long distances or a gravelbike on remote places, fully loaded with bikepacks, we create the custom geometry that fits the rider’s personality and is fully adapted to his or her body dimensions.

It’s never about making the fastest bike possible, that would be rather easy. It’s about making the best bike for that specific rider. As bike enthousiasts, we don’t always have as much time to ride our bikes as we would like to. But let’s try to make the hours in the saddle as good as we possibly can.


Custom steel, handmade in Belgium and ridden by one of the best Belgian cyclists ever: Tom Boonen. If you're looking for a bike that feels like a tailored suit, we create your Jaegher fully adapted to your bikefit and according to your riding preferences.

N + 1


Custom steel, handmade by Enrico Bellé in Barcelona, using the finest selection of Italian Columbus tubes in combination with the best components worldwide. This is what you get when you go for a Bellé. The only downside when you go for a custom geometry bike like these is that all your other bikes in the stable will become obsolete.


Ridley doesn't need an introduction to many of you. This Belgian brand is known for its presence in the ProTour for years. Besides high-quality race-bikes, Ridley has broadened their gravel segment as well. With the Kanzo Fast, the Kanzo Adventure and different models in between, the whole gravel segment is covered.


This German brand is known for it's great value for money of (mainly steel) gravel and adventure bikes. Especially the Bombtrack Hook and Hook EXT framesets are popular as base for a custom build bike, with components of choice.


OPEN CYCLES has been a pioneer in the gravel scene with their asymetrical chainstays, a design copied by countless manufacturers afterwards. Known for their fast handling geometry and versatile setups (700c or 650b), these are timeless framesets. Available in standard paintjobs but we prefer the Ready To Paint option, where you can go wild to create your own unique paintjob.

And if you haven't decided yet about your unique paintjob, the RTP frames can also be used without extra paint and build up as stealth black "batman" bikes.


"It's ok to be unusual". Ritte - a Californian brand - is a nonconformist in the cycling industry. Build with Reynolds 725 steel tubing or titanium in combination with an ENVE fork, these bikes are a subtle balance between racing and comfort.

The Draft

The Draft - a Spanish framebuilder collective from Madrid - specialises in steel gravel- and roadbikes. Their Comet Eater gravelbike is made with steel Italian tubing and ENVE/Columbus fork while their Hypatia is the (all-)road bike with a combination of carbon and steel.


BAAM, no-nonsense steel gravelbikes, made with Reynolds tubing and one of the best carbon gravel forks on the market from ENVE. Tire clearance of 700x50c and 650x2.1". Tons of fun for a very good price.